Uberchord Receives Seed Funding!

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For almost a year we’ve had intense discussions among the team whether or not we should look for seed funding — according to Jason Fried in his great book ‘Rework’, outside money is only ‘Plan Z’. After all, you lose your independency and a piece of your company, and all of a sudden you are responsible for someone else’s money! Anyone from the U.S. would probably think of this discussion to be so European — alas, we are European, German & Swiss, to be more specific, and we have these kind of discussions.

Well, had, because in the light of the things ahead, we realized a while ago that we wouldn’t be able to pull thing off just by ourselves. Thus, we agreed to take a leap into the shark tank, so to speak.

Only days after finally making the decision we received two major investments and several offers for smaller ones. You can bet we didn’t see that coming, but obviously we are very happy about it. After all, Uberchord V1.0 is only a tiny first step towards our much larger vision: changing how we learn musical instruments by teaching knowledge and technique instead of just note repetition.

As everyone who’s done it will tell you, raising funds is no easy task, but it is a unique and rewarding experience sitting together with your investors until some early hours in the morning and settling the deal. What’s probably even more important to note here is that the investors are trusting us with their hard earned money to make our dream a reality!

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