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Featured by Apple as one of the Best New Apps of 2016

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Guitarists, do yourself a favor, get this app.

Hthom74, U.S

Chord Trainer

Real-time feedback

Practice guitar chords with real-time feedback and get personal progress statistics. Uberchord listens to you play and seamlessly adapts to your skill level.

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Chords chords chords! If you want an app to help build your chord switching and rhythm, this is it!

Capattac, U.S.

The Uberpath

Unlock your next level

This is Uberchord’s all new personal learning experience with unlockable challenges. And it grows with your abilities!

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The biggest difference between this app and other apps is this one makes me want to practice

jhaneyzz, U.S.

Changing the way we learn music instruments

Personal Training

Your daily guitar workout

Commit to a daily practice routine, set yourself goals and monitor your progress with statistics and reminders. Your personal workout program continuously adapts to your progress. One click and you are making music.

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I feel like my lessons are a waste of money. Great app.

Tromboner5, U.S., 40 years old

Chord recognizer

Cutting edge

Uberchord uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone to recognize chords in real-time, including evil Jazz chords you’ve never heard of. If you can play it, Uberchord will know it.

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It knows when I'm right and when I'm wrong, and keeps me honest. I play guitar all the time, but this forces me to play my best.

Sklermbot, U.S.

Chord finder

Find any chord, in 19 tunings

Using the powerful Chord Finder, you can easily look up voicings for virtually any guitar chord.

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Amazing! This apps just identifies every chord I throw at it… Finally, a guitar app that is worth checking out.

Our chord finder is also available as a web app.

Lesson Editor

Create your own content

Use the Lesson Editor to easily create your own songs or build your own exercises. Instantly share your creation with family, friends or your students.

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I wanted to get into the guitar but didn't want to take lessons from a real person... I was lucky enough to find this app and LOVE it!!!!!!!!

Lucy, U.S.

High Precision Tuner

Fast, precise, stable

Save time by tuning your guitar with the built-in high precision tuner.

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Perfect Companion. Can't imagine practicing without this app.

S. Zone
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"By far THE BEST APP to help me learn!"


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