• Cool ★★★★★



  • Beginner Guitar ★★★★★

    Been using UberChord for 6+ months now and it absolutely has made me a better player. I have found no better app on the market. Should be added to any guitar players repertoire. This is a five star app!

    ~Mary and Macy

  • The best ★★★★★

    I am a starter and I thought it would be hard but this app has helped me alot

    ~Austin 421

  • Awesome!! ★★★★★

    I have been looking for an app like this for so long. It is so easy to use and fun to play with. Easily the best self-learning guitar app


  • Young pilot ★★★★★

    This app is great, I learned so many songs so quick!!!im gonna keep using this app and get better. Hopefully by the time I get done they'll have more songs we can learn on the app

    ~Gallup NM

  • Great way to learn Giutar ★★★★★

    I love this app made learning Giutar so easy


  • Great App for ALL LEVELS! ★★★★★

    Just getting back to playing and the exercises are for the fingers and the brain. Easy to follow, educational and FUN!!! A must to have in your guitar app study materials!!!


  • La mejor app que allá existido ★★★★★

    Bueno por mi opinión está app es la mejor que he probado de el App Store por eso yo le doy 5 estrellas


  • Beer app ★★★★★

    Learned a lot. Easy to use. Better than the rest!


  • Great 😍🎸 ★★★★★

    Thanks for this free app now I can practice better.

    ~Algunas ideas

  • A grinder ★★★★★

    Not sure about the reviews but you have to practice. This supports that fully. As a beginner this has been a great app.


  • Helped a lot!! ★★★★★

    This app has helped me learn a lot easier than all of the other apps and videos I've tried. It deserves five stars.


  • Me gusta ★★★★★

    Una aplicación que recomiendo a cualquiera que está empezando


  • Great to transcribe your music ★★★★★

    Superb!!! Don't forget to allow access to your mic.


  • Works!! ★★★★★

    I've never touched a guitar before but always wanted to learn. This app is the best route for beginners

    ~KILLA's Ipod

  • Did what I wanted it to do ★★★★★

    Don't usually write reviews, but I am beginning guitar again after a long layoff and couldn't figure out the chord in a song I was listening to and trying to then play on the guitar, so used the microphone feature and just had the app listen to the song and tell me what the chord was! Worked great. Thanks!


  • Mr. ★★★★★

    Never learned guitar before this app... so far so good. No complaints.


  • VERY GOOD ★★★★★



  • Fun and easy for beginners ★★★★★

    I've never played guitar before, but this app is helping me tune, perfect my chords, and even play along with songs! I haven't payed any extra fees (thus far). For once, an app actually delivers on its promises :) I am a very happy "customer."


  • Got me back to learning guitar ★★★★★

    Bought a guitar and barely ever played it. Picked it back up after I found this app!


  • Educational ★★★★★

    Really good app for learning, it gives great feedback and motivation. It also has a chord dictionary and tuner. This app is truly a beauty to have.

    ~Gimme my bucks!

  • Is that REALLY me? ★★★★★

    In less than 30 minutes I was playing my first ballad. Could not believe it. GREAT way to practice. No instructors...just you, your guitar, and Uberchord!!!


  • Amazing ★★★★★

    Amazing program You can learn how to play guitar even if you don't know any thing about it .all what you need just guitar.download it and play

    ~moon nsrin

  • Real person just learning ★★★★★

    I like it due to the immediate gratification factor after successfully playing a note. Sometime the phone picks up beat instead of the guitar, but I enjoy it. Get it!!!


  • Awesome ★★★★★

    I've learned a lot! Thanks...


  • Good way to learn basic chords ★★★★★

    This free app is worth the money.

    ~Air Jordan's

  • Great App!!! ★★★★★

    So far the app has been really help full and makes learning super smooth and easy


  • Muito bom ★★★★★

    Valeu vou aprender muito, programa excelente!!!


  • Perfect for beginners ★★★★★


    ~Hey game review

  • Confidence ★★★★★

    Just started playing, after first 30 mins, I'm playing Metallica!!


  • Must have app for beginners ★★★★★

    This app has taught me so much in a short amount of time. Also, has an advanced learning path. You really can't beat this learning for $5.00 a month.


  • Awesome ★★★★★

    I haven't been playing guitar long, but with this app I feel like I'm one of the best. It really helps you get better fast and I absolutely love it!!


  • Beginner ★★★★★

    Easy instructions! The repetition is super--the only way to learn those chords! All around great APP


  • Awesome app ★★★★★

    Easy to use and a great way to learn chords and strumming.


  • Excellent ★★★★★

    If you want to learn to play chords and are looking for easy and fun learning tool get this app! I started with the free tracks and 3 months later I still love it. Best app I have used.


  • The best app for learning how to play the guitar ★★★★★

    It's built like gym for guitar learning 5 stars well deserved


  • 👍🏻👍🏻 ★★★★★

    I'm a complete beginner when it comes to the guitar, but this app is set up in such a way that it helps you to start with small skills and build on your knowledge. Instead of learning entire scales at once, you begin by learning progressions. It makes it easier to remember the chords when you only learn 1-2 new ones at a time. Also, the app sets a daily practice goal, and you can set a reminder for it. It also gives you charts comparing the daily practice time and expert points achieved over time. It's nice for people who like to visually see their progress over time. Recommended 👍🏻


  • Great for beginners ★★★★★

    Probably good for professionals also.


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