• Amazing ★★★★★

    This app is the greatest thing to ever happen to my guitar practice. It's ability to listen to what you are doing and correct you, the strumming trainer, how it keeps track of your practice streak, and sends a practice reminder...it's so amazing. As a beginner this has finally helped me to stay focused and practice every day. 30 days strong so far. Woooohooo!


  • Great Learning Tool!!! ★★★★★

    I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar. I've tried books, dvds, and YouTube videos but could never get the hang of it. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, bur at the ripe old age of 61, I'm finally making significant progress thanks to the Uberchord app. Unlike the other tools I've tried in the past, Uberchord provides me with real time feedback concerning exactly what I am doing correctly (or incorrectly). It shows me where my fingers were placed for each chord I play so I know exactly what strings I pressed correctly and which strings I shouldn't have touched but did. If you've always wanted to learn the guitar, give the Uberchord app a try. I highly recommend it.

    ~Captain Dunsel

  • Love the app!! ★★★★★



  • Great way to learn chords ★★★★★

    Just started using this app after trying to teach myself via the net. Good to have structured lessons and I feel I am making progress. Bit frustrating knowing my fat fingers are hitting the wrong strings but gradually getting them in line. Can't beat this- a free tool that delivers. Hope future lessons build on the foundation because some of the early chords aren't taught early in other plans I've looked at. Like why is D sus2 in the early part? Maybe I'll learn why shortly ... anyway. Great app!


  • Love this app! ★★★★★

    It has helped me tremendously.


  • Motivating ★★★★★

    It just an app - but it has all the basic skills that a teacher would teach and it doesn't judge. Makes me want to learn.


  • :) ★★★★★

    love it


  • Beginner ★★★★★

    Great app so glad I tried.Edit: I'm having difficulty with the chord recognition which makes things somewhat aggravating. I'm using an iPad Air. Think this could be awesome if some issues were fixed, after all it is a subscription service.


  • Good job ★★★★★

    I really like this app....but im in good level i dont like to try on easy lesson...at all its good app.


  • Im a beginner ★★★★★

    Yo this app is awesome!! Im a nubie at playing guitar and this app walks you through the basics of playing. It even has a tuner for you too! I would recommend this app to anyone looking for help to learn how to play guitar. Good stuff


  • No soy cruel!! ★★★★★

    Buena aplicación para aprender y practicar!!

    ~En@no Medina

  • Not working ★★★★★

    Used this app for three different devices didn't work with either!! 😡😡


  • Better than Yousician ★★★★★

    This is way better than yousician. It does not just focus on songs but has some there while still teaching and refreshing but going at a decent pace.


  • it's a great app ★★★★★

    i just feel like they need to go a little slower w the pace. just bc you do one chord good practicing doesn't mean you'll do good in a song w other chords. just slow it down.


  • Perfect ★★★★★

    Just perfect

    ~Herschel Chokehard

  • Instant feedback - amazing! ★★★★★

    Amazing feedback really helps you focus on refining techniques and playing with proper technique -- and the price is unbeatable!


  • Easy to use and great visually ★★★★★

    I am a beginner and find this is great for tuning, showing you where to put fingers and overall just a good app


  • So easy to use and learn ★★★★★

    In love with this app....really easy to use and really helpful!

    ~Folabomi Oyewo

  • Great ★★★★★

    Great app for beginners!

    ~Cool guy 💩

  • Best ever ★★★★★

    Normally I wouldn't write a review(you know how it is) I'm like "nah I don't need to". But this app is too amazing to not download. It's a great app and anybody wanting some good practice or to just start learning guitar NEEDS this app! It's the best app out there for guitar so you should really download it!!


  • awesome ★★★★★

    very simple! picked up new notes very fast


  • Real time feedback and exercises ★★★★★

    I'm just beginning guitar with no musical background whatsoever and I find this app and the daily exercises addictive. I love the instant feedback while the app listens to me play. This is all free content. When I get better, I will definitely spring for the addtional content. I tried a few apps that were very heavy with ads and requests for money before you could do anything - (I'm looking at you Tabpro) - but this has solid functionality at the free level. I think this app gets it exactly right - listening to you play and not going to the next chord until you get the current chord, reminding you to practice, not letting you advance until you practice, and only charging you when you are using content that they have to pay licensing fees on. I love you, Uberchord.ps, I can't find you from inside itunes. So not only did I not cruelly refuse to write you a review, I had to put down my guitar, go to my computer to do a web search to bypass the itunes barriers to write this... that's how much I love you.


  • Amazing ★★★★★


    ~Amin Talei

  • Great app ★★★★★

    Easy to navigate and fun to use.


  • I have played better than before😱 ★★★★★

    This is an awesome guitar app I had 7 apps but every single one has a subscription.This app helped 35 mins to get a new song it's a amazing I'm going to use this app more often than I usually play. I play on my guitar without this app I never play my guitar. Since I heard about it I just started playing and I thought it would be another piece of junk but now I want that this went further to other people to learn about this app!!!!P.s BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM TELLING ME THIS APP


  • Awesome ★★★★★



  • Fun ★★★★★

    Guitar can be grueling if you don't feel the results. This wonderful app removes the gaps between self praise. So you feel good about your progress and have no problem picking up your guitar again. This app would bring a lot of dusty old guitars down from the attic. Thanks! Guys


  • Winner ★★★★★

    Yep. This is literally worth downloading and using. An awesome pocket teacher!


  • Great for learning !! ★★★★★

    It is very good!

    ~Gaby CR

  • Easy to use ★★★★★

    Great app! Even for a 45 yr old beginner!


  • Great app ★★★★★

    Really sophisticated app that recognizes when you play correctly and has great exercises


  • Best app ever! ★★★★★

    This app is amazing. I've been using Yousician for a week and it really didn't help me so I found this app and it's SOOOOOO amazing!


  • Fantastic ★★★★★


    ~Amanj El Yasi

  • Review ★★★★★

    Just getting started, fun so far! Looking forward to practicing:)


  • The updates are great! ★★★★★

    I've been a long time user of UberChord and it has gotten better over time. They really improve the fun of this app with each update.


  • Am I too old? ★★★★★

    First day Fingers killing me. I love it. Fifty two should be way too old to start guitar? Shoulnt it? I'm loving it so far. Easy to set down and pick right up where you leave off.


  • Very great and useful app for guitar beginners ★★★★★

    Strongly recommend !!!! Love their integrated tuner with greatest sense to correct my practices. Can't stop using it and see a bigger picture of me playing professionally in years !


  • Finally !! ★★★★★

    For a self taught beginner, with no way to create a regiment for myself to learn. This is a great app for me. I went from searching and picking things here and there from online and friends that play. To being able to turn my app on and play along, while receiving feedback....I WILL become a premium member. Thanks guys


  • Nice ★★★★★

    I love the review and the natural metronome


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