• Angel ★★★★★

    Helps with everything from tuning to learning new chords.


  • Very happy ★★★★★

    This app has helped my skill exponentially. The way it breaks down lessons makes learning the guitar dauntless. Real talk from Connecticut. The updates are worth the time

    ~charlie hitman connecticut

  • Great beginner lessons ★★★★★

    Just learning to play and this was a big help for chord changes


  • Definitely recommend. ★★★★★

    This app actually motivates me to practice everyday. I feel like it starts you off with a good foundation and builds from there. I’m already feeling comfortable. I feel like this app will actually allow me to stick with it and learn guitar.


  • Do NOT get yousician! DO get Uberchord. ★★★★★

    They are very similar but Yousician will charge you for a full year if you don’t cancel the free trial. I feel that is shady as it gets, only the worst scam companies do that to people. They seem fraudulent. After my year subscription charge, I figured I’d make the best of it but then they terminated the feature for users to submit their own songs. They also removed the majority of their premium songs to an even more premium subscription. Do not support them. You can get a similar style of learning with Uberchord. They have a better price. And my experience with costumer service has been exceptional. They actually communicate with you like s person and not a money grabbing robot that says , too bad.


  • I love it. ★★★★★

    It took me 10 minutes and Uber chord had me switching between three different chords in succession.


  • Great ★★★★★

    It really teaches you with the best technology possible.


  • It’s GREAT ★★★★★

    I love this app because it takes you step-by-step to learn a song and get you lessons down. I also love the lessons to learn any song you want I’m not a big fan of the premium thing was songs but it does help you and your self get to learn more things about the gutair.This app is also good because it has different apps and serve it like the tuner and different types of songs I think I just have a little bit of technical problems coming to different songs but besides that this app is amazing.

    ~gutair lover

  • A beginner’s dream come true!!! ★★★★★

    Simple, straight forward, friendly, patient, dummy proof. If you have struggled with a guitar before, struggle no more. Uberchord is the app for you! In a few minutes it will take you from zero to play familiar sounding songs. Almost like magic!!!

    ~J Davila

  • Been trying for 15years ★★★★★

    I have been trying to play guitar for 15 years with ZERO success.... this app makes it feel like a game I am trying to win. In less than a week, I am switching chords and playing like I have been doing it for months.... I love that there is a reminder to remind you to practice, all it takes is 10 mins a day. I am in love with this app


  • Great way to learn how to play ★★★★★

    Instant feedback back is so helpful!


  • Love it! ★★★★★

    Awesome App


  • Fantastic app ★★★★★

    Amazing app for all ages!


  • Extremely satisfied ★★★★★

    Been using the app for a total of about 5 months, and can confidently say that I am a better guitar player than some of my friends that have played for years. When I play in front of people, they usually ask me how I learned so quickly and I show them this app.


  • Great app! ★★★★★

    Teaches me everything. ❤️ love it.


  • Finally! ★★★★★

    I’ve been trying to figure this instrument out for years. Took private lessons. Tried YouTube videos. It just never clicked. Now it is! I am progressing and learning. 10 minutes a day. Awesome. Best guitar app ever.


  • Love this app ★★★★★

    Actually teaches you the basics and how to play the guitar for beginners.


  • This app is great, you won’t regret using this ★★★★★

    What a great way for beginners to learn how to play the guitar. This app provides structure and feedback to practice sessions for those of us who haven’t the time or money to take formal lessons with a teacher.

    ~Pat & Elizabeth

  • New Player ★★★★★

    This the best teaching app I have found so far. It very intuitive.


  • Fantastic ★★★★★

    I’d been using another learn-to-play-guitar app for a while, but became increasingly frustrated with its hit-or-miss feedback system. Uberchord’s feedback system, by contrast, is extremely accurate, and their overall system (using real songs - instead of silly toy songs - as the basis for learning chords and rhythm) provides excellent motivation and makes me want to play more and better. I experienced a small problem with the app and used the in-app feedback to submit a bug report, and they fixed it within 24 hours, without requiring a new download. That kind of turnaround means the app is well-designed and that the developers are proud of their work. As they should be.


  • BEST THING EVER!!!!! ★★★★★

    PLEASE consider making a Ukulele version now! Now that that is out of the way, this app is great. It actually works. It didn’t seem to work very well using the speaker but is flawless using my irig. The developers actually listen and update the app regularly. I just REALLY wish they added ukulele support!


  • No Better Than This ★★★★★

    Forget other chord dictionaries. This is the ultimate. Also, instantly know what chords you are playing regardless of what fingering you do. Great for songwriters. Helps you to stop relying on the same old chords. Lots of great guitar lessons too. This is a new kind of app. It is useful, not just another guitar app. Not another like it.


  • helpful ★★★★★

    it's really smart and helpful in the sense that it can tell when you're playing the right or wrong chord!


  • The most advanced technology ever ★★★★★

    This app has the most advanced technology on guitar ever. Very intuitive and learns your weak points and leads you to the easiest and quickest way to learn. Also very fun to practice since it has great drums jam tracks etc. You will never get bored practicing and like to play more. I highly recommend it. I am 61 years old and has no affiliation with the developers. This is an honest review .


  • Lost legacy paths(FIXED) ★★★★★

    I’ve had uberchord since the very first updates and was a very faithful user for quite some time. Although I had stopped before the new subscription plan had come out I was still happy to know that uberchord would let me use the old legacy paths and that I could return to finish them if I wanted. However after going on the app recently, I was very disappointed to see that these legacy paths had been removed from the app completely. I would sincerely appreciate it if I could get access to these paths again and would continue my use of uberchord if that happened Edit: I don’t know what happened but after logging into the app again after three days the old legacy courses were back. Thanks uberchord very much for creating such a quality app for guitar!


  • Great! ★★★★★

    I think this app is a great way to learn guitar.

    ~Le Bellman

  • My Uberchord review ★★★★★

    I would recommend this app for everyone it’s helping me learn guitar with very good results this app has been great with helping me play guitar and I cannot stress enough how much I recommend it.


  • Great🎸 ★★★★★

    Uberchord has helped me a ton! It's so great to have lesson wherever whenever. Great job uberchord!


  • actually keeps my attention ★★★★★

    I’ve been trying to learn guitar for years and have tried lots of apps and books and lessons etc but this app is actually keeping my attention which is not an easy task. i’ve been practicing until my fingers can’t go on, everyday since i discovered it!


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