Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana | Lyrics & Guitar Chords

samba pa ti by santana lyrics and guitar chords

Samba Pa Ti was released on Santana’s 1970 album called Abraxas. Carlos Santana came up with the song after listening to a Jazz saxophonist playing outside his home. This is one of his most popular songs ever since its release.

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Key of the Song:

The original key of Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana is in G major.

Guitar Chords for Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana

Many beginners struggle with the idea of staying in one or more hand positions at a time. For this song, you’ll need to stay either in “open” position or the 2nd fret to play Bm. Keep this in mind to avoid working too hard to play the chords together. 

Video Lesson

Samba Pa Ti by Carlos Santana – Lyrics with Chords

Part I  (2 times):
G  - Bm - Em - Am7
G  - Bm - Em - Am7 - D - Am7 - D - break
Am - Bm - Am - D - break
Part II (2 times):
G  - Bm - Am - D
Part III (until end):
G  - Am

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