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need it by half moon run lyrics and guitar chords

Need It by Half Moon Run was released in 2012. The band came together after a craiglist ad for a bassist and drummer was answered by lead vocalist Devon Portielje, who didn’t play either instrument. The song comes from their debut album Dark Eyes, which also features the song “Full Circle” that was used to promote Assassin’s Creed IV.

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Key of the Song:

The original key of Need It by Half Moon Run is in A minor.

Guitar Chords for Need It by Half Moon Run

This is another song that’s great for beginners and will help you practice many of the most common shapes.

The essential part of getting chord changes down is to 1) know the shape by heart and 2) start looking for places where you can minimize fret hand movement. You can see this, for instance, when playing the 1st fret note in Am then playing the 1st fret note in Dm.

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Need It by Half Moon Run – Lyrics with Chords

[Intro] Am  G  C  Fmaj7       2x
[Verse 1]
       Dm            Am
In a dream, I was untrue
           Dm                      Fmaj7 - C
Shouted in sweats, And I knew it was you
        Dm                     Am
All the while as I traced your spine
            Dm                    Fmaj7 - C   Am
Tore out my hair as my peace of mind
                       G               C
Well if you breathe in, I'll breathe in
           Fmaj7      Am
Slowly let go
               G                C
If you need it, Then I need it,
           Fmaj7      Am
Only we'll know
[Verse 2]
             Dm                   Am
Can't be the same, As we lie in a lie
             Dm                     Fmaj7 - C Dm
Knowing full well, Your virtue's my vice
                    Am                      Dm
In the night we are one, 'Til the moment is gone,
                      Fmaj7 - C                Am
'Til my race has been run
Em                    Dm                       C
And those sorry words, Make me not know my mind          
And they're so afraid for use
Am  G  C  Fmaj7 2x
                     G                       C
And if you breathe in, Then I'll breathe in
And only we'll know


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