Why it is beneficial to learn music via mobile devices?

There have been many studies that have proven that children who learn to play music acquire psychological benefits. As a matter of fact, actively teaching a child to play an instrument can help them develop their brain and even lead to academic achievements later in life. Even if you are a late starter, studies show clearly that also adult music lessons can help your brain. Besides the effects on the brain, there are plenty of other benefits of learning an instrument.

learn-music-via-mobile-devices“Even in a group of highly motivated students, small variations in music engagement — attendance and class participation — predicted the strength of neural processing after music training,” said Nina Kraus, Northwestern’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory director.

With the help of technology, especially mobile devices, that almost everyone today owns, learning music becomes easier for many students. There are mobile apps and online software that can be used to learn basic and advanced ways of playing certain instruments, such as the guitar.

In this post, we will provide you with more reasons why it’s advantageous for a person to learn music through their portable mobile devices.

Learning on-the-go

Portability is one of the main features of mobile devices, which has created a recent trend in education called ‘learning-on-go.’ Students are now being encouraged by educational institutions and organizations to bring their devices to the classroom and leverage them after class.

learn-music-via-mobile-devicesThe global market for mobile learning is projected to grow by $37.6 billion in 2020. Lecturers are also adopting the technology to offer students more references, which they can review after class, through instructional videos, audio lessons and much more. Learning music through mobile devices becomes easier for students, especially those living far away from areas where professional music lessons are offered. It also allows them to access the lessons wherever they are. Even without a mobile app, you can learn about the basic of playing instruments through instructional videos on YouTube, as long as the user has access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

Realistic sound output

learn-music-via-mobile-devicesTechnology is now mimicking real-life, where its musical output is as genuine as it’s ever been. This is because many mobile devices, particularly the latest wave of smartphones, now produces high-resolution audio that comes with an equal flow of bass and pitch. In fact, these features are no longer just featured on premium smartphones, as even low- to mid-range devices, such as the newly released Sony Xperia X, come with impressive audio quality, similar to its more expensive counterpart. According to the data shared by O2, the handset also supports Bluetooth stereos that makes learning music easier for students, as they can connect their smartphone wirelessly to a compatible home stereo, car speakers and much more. Learning music on mobile devices has provided them an easier way to appreciate the art and enhance their skills quickly.

Adjusting to your pace

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Music apps on mobile are now smarter by being able to learn along with the student’s pace and skill level. Uberchord comes with a chord trainer that offers real-time feedback and personal progress statistics on each practice session. It is able to listen to student’s playing their guitar and adapt the lesson based on the skill level of the learner.

Compared to signing up to a guitar lesson with a group, learners don’t need to feel embarrassed if they commit mistakes, which is a common issue for beginners. Lessons are made more personalized and customized to their needs for them to be motivated to learn. Thus, learning music through mobile devices gives them the kind of learning experience that fits their learning style.

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