Why you need a Chord Finder

Can a chord finder improve your playing?

Technology is a funny thing. It creates a need for items we never really wanted or offers a solution for problems we never really had. The slightly more jovial upshot of this is that it has improved our lives beyond recognition, which even the most cynical futurephobe would struggle to deny. The music learning process has also been kissed by the tech gods. Powerful apps have entered the market which can quite effectively substitute piles of books or hours of lessons. Chord finders do just this, and we will be briefly combing over the main reasons how apps, such as Uberchord, can assist if not rejuvenate your guitar learning.

One of Uberchord’s main features is its Chord Finder. You can browse the large interactive library to look up all finger positions for virtually all guitar chords. If you can play it, Uberchord will know it.

Are you an Android user? Don’t worry! Uberchord has also launched the  chord finder for the Web so you don’t miss out!

Guitar Chord Finder Uberchord
Uberchord’s New Chord Finder for the Web

Virtual Chord Book

Traditionally, a child would be accompanied to a music store by acquiescing parents. Following a brief conversation, he would walk out excitedly clutching a starter guitar pack and a convenient book listing basic chords. Nowadays, chord finder apps pretty much constitute a virtual encyclopedia on every chord which has ever existed. Not only does this save the need for periodically buying new paper books, but it also bears huge benefits for the advanced/expert guitarist. Unrestrained by matters of physical space, chord finders allow for instant access to every mathematical permutation of every chord. Musicians often need only the slightest spark of inspiration to set the songwriting process in motion, and chord finder apps are the perfect hack for broadening your musical vocabulary.

Instant Chord Recognition

Ever been noodling around and came across a chord that sounded neat, but you had no way to identify? Back in the day, and by that I mean a few years ago, you would have to enter each note manually into prehistoric and wildly cumbersome chord recognition software. Apps are a lot more sophisticated. To pause briefly on what exactly an app is, it’s a computer program that allows you to harness the processing power and features of your device for a specific, third-party purpose. As smartphones become exponentially more powerful, chord finders now have the ability to utilize your device’s in-built microphone. This means that while you’re strumming away on your guitar, the app can register what you’re playing and give you precise feedback in real-time. They can tell you instantly what chord you are playing, and if you’re slightly off; how to correct your fingering.

Like it or not, technology and apps are encroaching into every aspect of life. Although the digital floodgates have barely just opened, thousands of companies across the world are energetically pushing forward the frontier of technological possibilities. Uberchord contains one of the most powerful and sophisticated chord finders available on the market. It also offers an array of other essential guitarist’s tools, comprising an invaluable didactic program for guitarists both new and experienced. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself here or download the app.

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