Embed a Chord Chart on Your Website using Uberchord’s Rendering Engine

Chord Chart

Embedding a Chord Chart in a website is a pain — no longer

Everyone who has to create chord chart and sheets and embed them in a blog knows how tedious the process is and that in most cases the results don’t even look nice. Then, when you readers actually want to use such sheets, the print results are awful, because of the low image resolution.

This is why we created the Uberchord SVG chord rendering engine. It’s powerful, easy to use and delivers supreme, crisp results that look good anywhere — even on a sheet of paper.

Example 1: Embed chords with a single line of code

This is the most straight forward example of how to use the rendering engine inside a blog or any website. You use our code generator or simply write one line of code yourself and embed it anywhere in your blog.

Example 2: Customization

Here we have more complex chords, hid the Uberchord Icon and added a title and description will be shown once you click on the “open” link.

If you are interested in using Uberchord’s rendering engine: it’s free. Shoot us an email.

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