Crack The Shutters by Snow Patrol | Lyrics with Guitar Chords

Crack the Shutters by Snow Patrol was featured on their fifth studio album A Hundred Million Suns, released in 2008.

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Key of the Song: C major

The original key of Lullaby by The Cure is in C major.

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Crack The Shutters by Snow Patrol – Lyrics with Chords

C                     G
You cool your bedwarm hands down
On the broken radiator
C                 G
When you lay them freezing on me
I mumble can you wake me later
C                              G
But I don't really want you to stop
And you know it so it doesn't stop you
C                          G
You run your hands from my neck
To my chest
Crack the shutters open wide
          G                         F
I want to bathe you in the light of day
And just watch you as the rays
     G                      F
Tangle around your face and body
I could sit here for hours
        G                        F
Finding new ways to be awed each minute
'Cause the daylight seems to want you
G                      F
Just as much as I want you
C                         G
Its been minutes Its been days,
It's been al I will remember
C                  G
Happy lost in your hair
And the cold side of the pillow
C              G
Your hills and valleys
Are mapped by my intrepid fingers
C              G
And in a naked slumber
I dream all this again

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