Learn to play like Santana

For decades the guitar playing of Carlos Santana has been one of the most distinctive sounds in modern music. Aside from having an immediately recognisable tone, Santana is revered for his improvisations and for integrating Latin rhythms into a Rock/Blues context. We also associate a certain chord movement with his music – the II to V progression! This progression is very common in late 1960’s pop music. Am7 and D7 are the second and third degree in the key of G major. Bm7 and E7 constitute the II to V progression within the key of A major. The following D minor chord with a long chromatic movement forms another II in the key of C major. This chromatic movement through D minor is very common in Latin American music as the final sequence (last four measures) of a C major progression. Enjoy!

Try it for yourself now:

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