Eckart Burgwedel

Eckart has been working in software companies for many years and already co-founded two of those before starting his latest venture Uberchord. He proudly serves as CEO and product guy.

Simon Barkow Oesterreicher

Simon is a computer scientist, Uberchord’s co-founder, COO and CFO. Besides his many titles, he’s an important sparring partner for Eckart in all business matters.

Martin Polak

Martin, is our developer genius and also a co-founder. He knows everything there is to know about algorithms, programming, coding and audio signal processing. He’s an amazing mix of CTO and Chief Scientist.

Ilona Maslioukovskagia

Ilona is a co-founder, too — and our graphic designer doing an awesome job of making sure everything around Uberchord is beautiful.

Enzo Galli

Enzo is an expert guitar player and teacher with outstanding theoretical and practical skills. He is responsible for all guitar related fundamentals and didactics and functions as figurehead for Uberchord’s public relations to renowned musicians.

Jonas Schoen-Philbert

Jonas is our musical scientist. Being a professor for composition and music theory at University of Music Hannover (Germany), he helps us put all the necessary musical knowledge into code.

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