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Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys features simple chord progressions and wonderful vocal lines and harmonies on top of a swing-style rhythm section. The song belongs to the “hot rod” genre, which is apparently comprised of songs written for the purpose of singing along during car rides.

According to Brian Wilson, one of the songwriters behind what became a major chart hit, the lyrics for “Little Saint Nick” were written while he was out on a date. The tune went on to sell over one million copies.

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Key of the Song: F# major

The song is in the rather unusual Key of F# major (unusual in pop music, that is). The chord progressions are generally the following:


I – ii – V7 x 2
F# – G#min – C#7 x 2


ii – V7 – V7/ii which translates into
G#min – C#7 – D#7

IV – V – V/ii – ii – V
B – C#7 – D#7 – G#min – C#7

The song being in the key of F# major implies the following:
– you’ll be playing bar chords for the most part if your guitar is tuned to E standard.

-the guitars in the original recording were tuned one half-step down, and as such, you can tune your guitar to Eb standard and all of a sudden, you’re playing simple chords that require no capo nor barre chords.

Chords for Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

The original version employs, generally speaking, the following chords:
F# – G#min – C#7 – D#7 – B

There is also an E major thrown in the bridge.

If you, however, want to make things easier, just tune your guitar one-half step down, and then you’ll only have to play the following chords

G – Amin – D7 – F – C – E7

Both the tutorial and lyric sections include extensions of the aforementioned chords. These are gained simply by adding or substracting notes to the chords and shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Little Saint Nick – Video Lesson

This is perhaps the only lesson I’d recommend, as it comes very close to the original:

Little Saint Nick Lyrics with Chords


G – Amin7 – D7  X2



Am7    D7              Am7      D7
Well a way up north where the air gets cold there is a

G          Gmaj7              G6       E7
tale about christmas that you all been told. and

Am7         D7              Am7      D7
a real famous cat all dressed up in red, and he

G                Gmaj7        G6         G7                  C
spends his whole year working out in his sled its the little saint nick,

Amin            D7
Its the little saint nick.

Am7        D7                Am7           D7
Just a little bob sled we call it old saint nick but she’ll

G            Gmaj7     G6        E7
walk a tobagon with a four speed stick, she’s

Am7         D7         Am7                  D7
candy apple red with a ski stick for a wheel and when

G              Gmaj7        G6        G7
santa gives it gas man just watch her peel its the

little saint nick, its the little saint nick.
Amin            D7
Its the little saint nick.

run run reindeer
run run reindeer ahhhhhhhh
run run reindeer
run run reindeer we don’t miss no one

Am                  D7                          Am          D7
He’s hauling through the snow at a frightenin’ speed,
G               Gmaj7      Gmaj6          E7b9
With a half a dozen deer with a-Rudy to lead,
Am             D7              Am              D7
He’s gotta wear his goggles ’cause the snow really flies
G               Gmaj7      Gmaj6          E7
And he’s cruisin’ every pad with a little surprise.

It’s the little Saint Nick, little saint nick
G                     E7b9
It’s the little Saint Nick

Amin       D7              Amin            D7
Ah ah ahhhhh  Ooooooo  Merry Christmas santa
G               Gmaj7      Gmaj6          E7
Christmas comes this time each year


We hope you’ll look into learning some other songs like this one. There are dozens of articles that cover how to play songs like this one! You can learn suzanne leonard cohen, how to add pretty guitar chords to them, as well as how to use the C# minor scale guitar.

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